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Chrome/Chromium Open Windows are unresponsive

Upgrade to Tabby 2.5. This version contains workarounds for a breaking change in Chrome and most Chromium-based browsers version 113.0.5672.92 and later.

Where are my Firefox windows?

Unfortunately Firefox does not make available the kind of programmatic access required by apps like Tabby. Therefore Firefox windows and tabs are not displayed. 

I use Safari tab groups. Can I use those within Tabby?

Not directly. However, it is easy to use your Safari tab groups to try out Tabby without making changes to your tab groups. Simply open a new Safari window and set it to a desired tab group. Repeat that process for each tab group and the next time you open Tabby it will display your tab groups organized by window.

Tabby starts but just displays "Loading"

Check to see if you have a Chrome update pending. When Chrome is in that state it refuses connections from Tabby and prevents it from starting up. Complete the Chrome update and Tabby should start up normally.

Known issues in version 2.5.1 (49)
  1. If the browser is not running when opening a Saved window, a second blank window will be opened.
  2. Rows in the Saved windows view may appear selected after certain operations. Workaround: mouse over the selected rows.
  3. A single minimized Chrome window will not maximize when selected in Tabby. Workaround: keep at least one Chrome window maximized.
  4. On certain multiple monitor configurations the Tabby main view may be intermittently displayed partially off-screen. Workaround: re-open Tabby.